Portfolio: Aerospace & Defence

The list below are some of my feature articles and cover stories written on aerospace and defence. Only a segment of what I have written is displayed here.

Beyond the Control Tower

Working in air traffic control (ATC) for more than a decade, air traffic controller Ben Ippolito explains that there’s more to ATC than just the tower at the airport. “ATC can be broken into three categories – tower controllers, terminal area or approach controllers and en route controllers. Each category has a very important yet different function,” says Ben. Read the full feature online on Australian Flying or view the PDF.

Air traffic controller sees a world of opportunity for women

Airservices Australia has opened applications for its air traffic controller trainee program and is encouraging more women to apply to further balance diversity in this role across Australia. Currently 13 per cent of Airservices’ air traffic controllers are women. One of those is Melissa Lindsay, who began as a trainee in November 2011. She describes the job as both challenging and exciting. And never boring. Read the full article online on Australian Aviation or read the PDF.

Plotting a New Path from ATC

An air traffic controller trades in her radio, flight progress strip display and aviation phraseology for regulatory compliance audits, Microsoft Office and the daily battle with the office printer. This is Lara Baker’s career trajectory at Airservices Australia but also a story of workplace diversity and career transitioning within the aviation industry. Read the full article online on Australian Flying or read the PDF.

Airservices trials show the promise of SBAS

An Airservices Australia trial has successfully demonstrated how Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS) technology enables safer and more accurate approach guidance to regional and rural aerodromes in instrument meteorological conditions. Read full article online on Australian Aviation or read the PDF.

Surgical Strike Supremacy

Many countries in the Asia-Pacific region have acquired missile systems and are now in the process of upgrading such systems or developing homegrown systems and capabilities. In this seemingly one-upmanship game, one big question remains unanswered – to what extent do these missile systems really serve any purpose and what shape will missile defense systems in the region take in the years ahead? Read the rest of the article HERE

Fashion Police of the Skies

Airlines that have dressed its stewardesses in hot pants and micro mini skirts back in the 1970s now rely on employees to decide whether a passenger’s attire may offend other customers. Recently, women have been asked to cover up or change their outfits because airline personnel thought they were scantily clad, while a man was hassled for a double entendre on his t-shirt. Has the flying public gone too far, or has the airlines? Read the rest of the article HERE

Comfort Above the Clouds

Despite various innovations to improve passenger comfort in 55 years of commercial jet aviation, very few individuals would describe any flight as truly relaxing and resulting in one feeling fresh as a daisy when disembarking at the destination airport. So, what gives with the new generation of jetliners – the Airbus A380 and Boeing Dreamliner 787 – which aim to bring passenger comfort even closer to this subjective standard by increasing cabin pressures to a hitherto-unheard of 5,000 feet altitudes? Read the rest of the article HERE

Daring to be Different

Daring to challenge the status quo in the face of adversity and in a pursuit to be unique, Air New Zealand is a diamond in a ruff that embraces New Zealand’s long history of liberal social reform. Its candour to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons and its stand within the fashion world allows for this national carrier to jazz up various forms of themed flights to attract more passengers who crave for the wickedly stupendous extraordinary experience that an individual can only so often dream up. Read the rest of the article HERE

ATR Forecasts Revenue of US$1 Billion

The worldwide forecast for turboprops in the next 10 years including replacements for older aircraft and the entry of new airlines is 1400 aircraft with 30% from the Asia Pacific market. Read the rest of the article HERE

LCCT to be Expanded

The low cost carriers’ passenger terminal at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) will be expanded to handle 15 million passengers, an increase of 5 million. According to Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB) managing director Bashir Ahmad work on the project will start within the next few months. Read the rest of the article HERE

Clear and Present Danger

One of the deadliest weapons available to terrorists for attacks against civilian and military targets are ManPads, of which over 500,000 are thought to have been produced over the past 37 years – and are considered to be readily accessible and fairly cheap in the black market. Read the rest of the article HERE