Airservices getting ready for Santa’s visit

I worked on this project in 2018, creating the official Santa and flight path video and all social media content.

In anticipation of Santa’s night of nights, Airservices Australia, the nation’s provider of air traffic management services, has begun its preparations for Santa’s visit on Christmas Eve.

The animated Santa website and Airservices social media platforms will provide Australians with an insider’s view of Santa’s flight on Christmas Eve—one of the busiest nights of the year in Australian airspace.

Airservices staff from all areas of the business are already working tirelessly to ensure Santa’s flight safely crosses Australian airspace this year, according to Executive General Manager of Air Navigation Services Stephen Angus.

“From air traffic controllers to engineers and technicians, aviation rescue fire fighters to corporate staff—everyone has a special role in keeping Santa and his reindeer safe in our airspace,” said Mr Angus.

Santa will depart the North Pole on Christmas Eve, travelling down the international dateline into the Southern Hemisphere. He will visit the Pacific Islands first and then onto New Zealand, leaving from the South Island.

Santa will zig zag his way up and down Australia, making sure to visit every child’s house before departing Australian airspace as he heads towards our northern neighbours.

“Santa told me he’s very excited about delivering presents to all the kids in Australia because of our world-leading technology,” added Mr Angus.

Airservices has allocated Santa the call sign of ‘SLEIGH RIDER ONE’ and has issued a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) to warn all other aircraft flying on Christmas Eve to keep clear of Santa as he delivers presents to all the boys and girls.

“Each year we give Santa all the assistance we can on Christmas Eve, but we’ll also be working very hard to help all travellers get home for Christmas as safely and quickly as possible,” Mr Angus said.

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